Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wide Area File Services

Looking at products to help make our WAN and files systems work faster. CIFS acceleration, Compression, pattern matching etc. Currently looking at four products that have come up as the major players:
Cisco WAFS
Tacit Tapestry
Riverbed SteelHead
Junipers Perebit
Anyone with experience in these products let me know your opinions. Hardware arrives for our testing in a week or so.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cluster/Grid Computing

I have approached some of our core developers with the idea of developing for grids instead of using big iron servers. Every time we upgrade a four or 8 cpu machine, I cringe at the price. But by using a series of small servers (blade/1u etc.) we would upgrade incrementaly and save big dollars long term.
The developers pushed back, as they are busy with new initiatives and this project has stalled. Any advice to get this back on track?

Sharepoint and collaboration

Second Thread- Sharepoint and collaboration - We are looking at a large scale collaboration strategy, utilizing various technologies. One of these is Windows Sharepoint Services, with Sharepoint portal so we can have cross site capabilities and personalization.
I think the personalization part is key to getting clients to use this system,

Virtual PC - Hardware and Software

First topic - We have been looking at VM and blade PCs for our DR and other remote type projects. So far it looks like Power users need the blade PCs, but we are looking at whether we can get enough performance to put 20 host XP desktops on a dual CPU server (Dl380 or X336 class) machine. Anyone tried to go the VM route, and any experiences you want to share?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wintel Directions - Research for technologists

Welcome to the Wintel Directions Blog - I will be covering new technologies concerning the world of Wintel products and working to find the directions these products will take - Ken